Burnout, college entrepreneur style

Since I’m suffering from a burnout now, I thought it would be useful to talk about burnout, while lying on the bed. Here I am, suffering from a burnout, emotionally, physically and mentally, all at once.

To be honest, it’s not a surprise, judging from the rate where I worked myself, and the neglect towards my own daily needs. I’ve been trying to juggle school life, entrepreneurship, social life plus my exercise routine (yes, I’m on a workout regime to lose weight) all into 24 hours, which sounds familiar to most college entrepreneurs I think? School life is mentally taxing, since we have to forcefully divert our attention from our business onto it. Entrepreneurship is generally mentally, emotionally and physically taxing, your brain doesn’t stop, your body doesn’t stop working, and with all the highs and lows in entrepreneurship, you don’t stop feeling as well. Social life is more of an emotional and physical burden, in my case, since I have to tend to these people’s needs and make an effort to hang out with them. And the last one, physically taxing, what do you expect from working out in the gym for 3 hours a day and only sleeping for less than 6 hours per day?

You get my point. Entrepreneurs have burnouts, students have burnouts, but when you mesh them all together, you get a double burnout. I’m sick in bed, suffering from mild insomnia, stressing about my assignments and short exam on Friday, while trying to prevent myself from imagining horrible situations my business would face in the future, my body hurts due to my workouts, the weather is still cold, I have a flu and a fever, my friends are still texting me about their life problems plus I’m trying to come up with a solution to solve my burnout.

I’m suffering from a total burnout, college entrepreneur style. And if anyone else experiences this, you’re not alone.

Right now I’m trying to brainstorm solutions to treat my own burnout. I came up with a few, and hopefully they’ll solve my problem.

1) Talk to a psychologist.
I’m scheduling an appointment with my college psychologist tomorrow. Why talk to a psychologist? I went for counselling advice from a school psychologist last year and it was really helpful. I was stuck between following my own dreams versus following my parents wishes. Naturally I couldn’t tell this to my parents, since they would subconsciously influence me into choosing what they want when I’m emotional and vulnerable, and as for talking to my friends, most of them face similar problems and don’t really have a solution, all they can offer is comfort and not much practical advice. So I just went to my school psychologist and told him all my problems, and right now here I am, pursuing my dreams although I’m currently suffering from a burnout. So, I’ll schedule an appointment with my college psychologist tomorrow, hint, it’s usually free. Plus you get professional, unbiased advice, and a place to rant without worrying that the other person would feel bothersome and your secret basically stays confidential.

2) Rest
By resting, it’s not just sleeping. Well, sleeping is a large part of it, since I have to get more sleep to compensate for the sleep lost before. So basically I will be sleeping a lot, but the problem here is, how do I find time and get myself to sleep? That means I’ll have to take a break from all my activities and concentrate on resting. No worrying about college, business or social life, just rest. And no technology stuff nearby, maybe just not that often. And keep my laptop away from myself. But yeah, rest, sleep and stop thinking!

Basically I haven’t thought of other ways, but I guess these two are the most important ones, confide your problems with someone you trust and get enough rest. I guess I better start resting, feel free to leave comments and share tips on how you manage burnouts! 🙂


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