Life as a college entrepreneur

I have assignments due tomorrow and next week, but here I am, blogging. I should do it, I know I should, but there’s just so much things on my mind which keeps distracting me from school work. It’s just that I get so distracted by my business ideas, zooming in my mind at high speeds, and it’s just plain weird how they usually pop up when I’m trying to silence my mind to actually do some school work. And maybe during lectures, tutorials, while I’m talking to others, before I sleep… you get the point. 

I don’t know if this happens to you, but entrepreneurship consumes me in general. Not that I’m complaining, since it’s my passion but still, it can be a major distraction in my daily life. Especially when I have another important role to fulfil, or maybe it’s the 30k investment in my tertiary education which I had to make use of. But you get my point, when I have one of our “aha” moments, I stop functioning normally, in a conventional sense. 

It’s like I get into a zone, where my lives and thoughts revolve around that business idea. I go to lectures, but my mind is working too fast for me to even concentrate on what the lecturer is talking about, I talk to friends, but barely paying attention to them since my mind is busy calculating all the figures and numbers I need for the idea, or even worse, I start avoiding friends like plague, since talking to them would mean less time for me to work on my idea. It’s like my normal life just shuts down, and as a college student, my normal life would most probably be, go to lectures, finish assignments, hang out with friends, you know, a conventional way. But no, I go into full obsession mode, it’s like I get cut off from the outside world, my “normal” life.

And truthfully, it’s very challenging. Since all I want to do right now, is to just focus 100% on my business idea. I guess this is every college entrepreneur’s dilemma, or maybe just the ones that haven’t dropped out from college yet. We still go to college, we still need to learn whatever we paid to learn in college, we still have to function as a college student. But at the same time, our need to work on our business idea, develop, experiment and grow it is strong as well. In fact, it’s much stronger than our obligation to fulfil our responsibilities as a college student. 

So why aren’t we dropping out since there’s so many success stories of young entrepreneurs who dropped out of college and became billionaires? *Cough* Bill Gates *Cough* Steve Jobs. 

Truthfully, I don’t know. I don’t know why I’m staying in college. But if I have to give an answer, it may be the safety net. If your business idea fails, you still have a college degree, you still have an identity as a college student. Or it may be because I need to satisfy my parents wishes to graduate from college in return for the freedom in pursuing my entrepreneurial dreams in the future. Or it may be because I still haven’t decided yet if the business idea will work out. Or may be it’s just that I want to experience life as a college student as well. Or maybe I actually want to learn something from college although I want to be an entrepreneur.

I really don’t know. But I know I don’t really want to drop out of college, even though I want to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams, my business ideas. So that leaves me in some sort of dilemma. How do I get the best of both worlds, is it possible?

Maybe I’ll have to give up one for the another in the future, or maybe I’ll find a solution to solve this problem, but right now, I still have to complete my assignments while trying to minimise distractions from my business idea. It’s like I have to prevent myself from switching into entrepreneur mode from student mode. Multiple hats, isn’t that what an entrepreneur does? 

Anyways, feel free to comment and share your thoughts on your lives as a college entrepreneur. And maybe some helpful advice as well *wink. Until next time, bye.